FRACTS #7 – Frogs inspired the creation of batteries!!

Did you know that frogs were involved in the creation of the battery?

It all started with a frog. And a scientist. And a wonderful coincidence.

Luigi Galvani, an Italian scientist of the 1700s discovered that electricity applied to the nerves of frog legs caused the large muscles to twitch. Galvani then named the perpetrator of this effect animal electricity- a fractured allusion to the “life force” that was thought to be the essence of life on earth.

Its discovery began as Galvani was working to understand static electricity through the rubbing of frog skins
together. As he slowly skinned the frog with his steel scalpel, it touched the brass hook he was using to hold the frog’s leg in and picked up a charge which caused the frog’s leg to twitch, hence presenting an indication of the presence of electricity.

Further experiments by Italian physicist Volta showed that the frog’s leg was merely an indicator of the presence of electricity and that the electricity that caused the twitch was actually sparked by the dissimilarity of the two metals.

Nevertheless, without frog protagonist in this wonderful story of accidental discovery, scientists such as Gassner (1887) and Sir Thomas Edison (1903) and Urry (1950) would not have been able to arrive at their brilliant discoveries. The ubiquitious battery of the modern world would not have been invented and we would not even be able to dream of having mobile phones or cameras.

Think about it!

ANNA’s ‘Metamorphosis’

Hi peeps,

I have officially concluded my internship with JFF. Looking back, 4 months have passed by in a flash but the memories I have made in this time will stay with me forever.

I still vividly remember the first 2 weeks of internship – challenging would be the word I would use to describe.

Firstly i had to adapt to the company’s work culture and learn the basics of a frog’s life.

Secondly, I thought I had to meet up to the expectations immediately but Chelsea gave me time to learn without putting too much pressure on me because she knew my strengths and assigned the work to me based on this.

I believe few people actually know of the existence of farms in Singapore. Sure there may be a handful of curious and adventurous ones who would know, but that’s about it. Truth be told, farming is somewhat elusive knowledge to us city folk.
However,after working in the farm, I’ve changed my perspective on farming. Many of us think that it is a lowly job but I think that we should not look down on farmers; it takes tons of hard work and perseverance to manage the land and raise the livestock!

It was a good experience working in such an environment, away from the city.
Working on the farm, I didn’t just learn things about Frogs, Ive also learned to speak to the public. Conducting a tour of 5 is easy but not to a group of 50-70 people and there is definitely a lot more to look into besides just conveying the froggy message to the group.For me I think that having the group focus their attention on you is the most important thing to do. Once you lose their attention, they will start to wander on their own resulting in the need for crowd controlling and that, to me, is the most challenging part.



Other than tours, I also did administrative work, retail sales, taking orders from customers, replying to emails, selling frogs, and handling customers’ inquiries.
The most important thing I learnt from Chelsea is to NOT ASSUME ANYTHING when we are working in a company. Never ever assume because it can really cause a lot of miscommunication which will end up disrupting work flow. So I will never allow myself to have any sort of preconception get in the way of my work in the future.

I’ve had lovely memories from my experience here. Hitching a ride by the road, going into other people’s farm to pluck fruits (with permission of course!!), selling our products at the inaugural Farmers’ market, meeting nice people along the way, solemnization happening in the frog farm, applying qin chao oil on an injured duck’s leg, plucking mangoes with the Bangladeshi workers, going to a Pre-U Seminar in NUS with Chelsea to see JFF being showcased by a group of students etc… All sorts of funny and interesting things.


This experience was really special and I feel lucky to have been able to go through it.
Thank You Jurong Frog Farm for taking interns and allowing them to experience such a unique working environment.


Inaugural Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market on 28th and 29th June.

Hi Everyone!!

Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market is happening this coming weekend at D’Kranji Farm Resort. Continue reading for further details.

Families can spend this coming weekend farm hopping at Kranji Countryside and spend the evening at the relaxing D’kranji resort!

What is so interesting about the event?

There will be 31 stalls featuring local produce, craft, tea, chili, jam, roasted pork among other interesting local initiatives!!

JFF will be giving out FREE Hashima Samples and enjoy special promotions from us.

Things to take note:
-Come early so that produce and products are in stock!
-CASH will be preferred
-PLEASE bring your own recyclable grocery bags; we want to minimize the use of plastic bags at the market
-Please try to carpool or make use of the free shuttle service from Yew Tee MRT
- Bring your family and friends, and most importantly, your good cheer!

What are you waiting for? Make your plans now!

Kranji Countryside Farmer’s Market Details:

Date: 28th and 29th June
Time: 4pm-10pm
Venue: D’Kranji Farm Resort

How to get there?
Car/cab: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813
Public Transport: FREE Shuttle bus will be provided at Yew Tee Mrt station bus stop EVERY 45mins AFTER 4pm.

Anna’s thoughts

After working here for quite some time, I’ve realized that it is not easy to manage a farming business. In fact it is extremely challenging as it depends on Nature!

When we face bad weather- Haze/Rains/Floods, our tours will be affected
When we receive little rain, our livestock will be affected
–Raising frogs is not an easy task due to our geological location where we do not have easy access to fresh water. If there is little rain we have to slow down our production.

When the place is too hot, we have to layer up our roofs to cool down the place because the frogs prefer a cooler living environment . Once they feel stressed up by heat, they might die.

Climate change is really making a difference to the farming industry. However we can do our little bit to make our contribution to our Earth!
First step could be simply by practicing 3Rs (little acts that count!)


*Eveything will have a cause and effect


Frog girl signing off~


Anna’s Initiative: Marinated Frog Meat

JFF had been quite busy for the past few weekends and we have a lot of customers ordering for our Deep Fried Frog Meat.

So How This Idea Came About?:

When I was preparing the customers dish, I realized that there was quite a number of people kept looking at the container of marinated frog meat, slowly the questions came in..
Questions Such as:
‘ What are the ingredients inside’
‘how long have it had been marinated’
‘what kind of flour we are using’

At that point of time, I still have not though of selling the uncooked marinated frog meat until one day when I was doing my report, I realized that there has been a lot of customer requesting for the marinated frog meat or even asking me to help them marinate. Not only that, when I brought up the products that we have for example our fresh frog legs, the answers I got was that they are either do not know how to cook or they do not know how to marinate. Hence I brought up this idea to my supervisors and so we make things work.

*Anything can happen, as long as I move one step forward. :)

Marinated Frog Meat is now available at JFF as requested by a lot of our customers.

Marinated Frog Meat

Marinated Frog Meat

Quickly Pop by JFF (S’pore 718864) to purchase our well Marinated Frog Meat @

-$12/ 2 Packets

* If there is any query, please call us at O:6791 7229.

See you there! ;)

Hi Everyone! It’s TGIFFF!!!

A Little update by the frog girl.

Due to the huge group that came yesterday, we had our friend over to give us a hand.

The indoor and outdoor guide of the day. :)



Frog Girl

Frog Girl

A big thanks to her, everything went smoothly!


Our calendar is filling up very fast, so for those who are interest to have a tour around the farm, please call and make your booking now!

Don’t worry, we even have tours just for small families- JFF FAMILY TOUR

For this family tour package, it includes the followings:

1) History of the farm
2) Hand on the frog session (participants will get a chance to touch/hold and even know more about the frogs)
- Photo taking included
3) Feeding of the frog
4) FREE sample of our Royal Hashima
Afterwards will be free and easy to tour around the whole farm.

* BONUS on weekend as we serve luncheon as well !

Before I end this post, I would like to thank the staffs of JFF for doing a great job in maintaining the farm and support each other.

Thank you Mel for doing all the house keeping and keeping the whole area clean.

Thank you Mel for doing all the house keeping and keeping the whole area clean.

Thanks for doing all the maintenance and welfare of the little froggyyy.

Thanks for doing all the maintenance and welfare of the little froggyyy.

Of course not forgetting the rest of the workers here. *Busy in action**

Frog Girl signing off~

What’s happening on Vesak Day ?

It was indeed a busy day!


A group of cheery people A group of cheery people ^.^


I was conducting a tour for a group of girls as it was one of the girl’s birthday. What caught me by surprise was that they actually came down to have the birthday celebration. My perception of celebrating birthdays would be them going to Universal Studios Singapore, zoo, marine barrage for some picnic etc. I could not have thought they would come to the farm to celebrate. This is a simple thought for me-sometimes life can get so much better even with simple pleasure. We do not necessary have to spend a lot of money, neither do we have to go to some lavish restaurant.
A walk around the farm sounds pretty amazing too. :)

JFF not only Provides Luncheon on weekends but also on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!
Do come down to try our scrumptious luncheon!


Steam Frog Meat with Chicken Essence

Steamed Frog Meat with Chicken Essence

After such a long day, I’ve decided to have a drink outside of the shop and I realized how relaxing the place is..




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