JFF Frogs hop into Wang Yuan Fish Shop






Today we feature, Derrick Ng, a committed urban farmer who grows organic and pesticide free vegetables and uses the vegetables for his fish soup business. He has since introduced frog legs into his menu in one of his trials, he realized how the frog meat complemented his fish stock. JFF is very excited to partner Derrick in this drive to promote a healthy eating as well as supporting local produce!

If you will like to taste this magical blend of locally grown vegetables, fish and frog meat, you can visit his shop called Wang Yuan Fish Shop at Blk 824, Tampines St 81 at Stall 3.

Operating hours:

MON-SUN (9am till ingredients sold out)

Close every Friday if the date is an even number!!

Visit his blog http://derrick-green.blogspot.sg/ and read his interview at http://www.savefoodcutwaste.com/2012/11/05/interview-with-derrick-ng/ to find out more about him.

Jff hops into the E-commerce world!!


Have you read this article last Monday?

In the ever changing pace of the business world, most companies see the need to constantly upgrade their operations and increase their visibility in our virtual world.

Even though we have a small Froggie Family team driving this company, we pride ourselves as being nimble and swift in making business decisions to keep up with trending business opportunities. Hence, announcing our latest upcoming adventures, to take a great leap of faith into the E-commerce on the World Wide Web.

The ROYAL FROG SHOP ONLINE and FROGOLOGY (All frog-related programmes) is in construction now with aim to enhance our visitors’ experience with the ease of browsing our tour services and array of fresh products, place bookings and make purchases easily with a few clicks of the mouse.

Keep your eyes on this space for the launch of our new website in the beginning of the last quarter of this year!

NEW PRODUCT – Chilean Cod Fish

Chilean Cod Fish

cooked cod fillet

JFF believes in bringing you the BEST QUALITY MEAT OPTIONS!!

Featuring our newest product  CHILEAN COD FISH at our Royal Frog Shop, now comes in 100gs packaging.

Why not consider including Chilean cod fish into your diet high in protein and full of Omega 3 essential fatty acids which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

There are also numerous ways to cook the cod fish. Grate some ginger, toss it into a pan and pan fry together with the cod fish for dinner.

Give this healthy high protein source of meat a try today!!





Celebrate Singapore’s 49th Birthday with JFF

Thinking of doing something local this weekend or next in celebration of Singapore’s 49th Birthday?

Visit us at Kranji Countryside today, tomorrow and on National Day and enjoy a MEET THE FROGS session
(worth at least $25!) at 1030am, 1130am, 130pm and 330pm with a minimum spent of $49 only!!

Free face painting for all adults and children!! No Reservations needed!

Call 67917229 to enquire.

Introducing Charlane, JFF’s Frogician!!!

Greetings! I’m Charlane aka Frogician and I’m the newest addition to the Jurong Frog Farm (JFF).

You probably intrigued by the title of Frogician. As my aim as a tour guide would be to fascinate the participants who visit the farm like a magician would during performances. My hope is that it would delight the children to learn about the mesmerizing world of frogs.

Now, people are always curious to know why the decision to work at a farm.

Firstly, my job scope provides me a wide variety of opportunities to learn about entrepreneurial skills, operations and marketing strategies. These are valuable skills that can be hone only through on the job training.

At JFF, we run booked tours for children and it sparked an interest in me because of my love for young children. This will also allow me to use my training as an Early Childhood Educator to inspire children of all ages to have the love for continuous learning at our farm. As an educator, my wish for the children who come to visit will leave feeling that we have enriched their lives in a small way or another.

Last but not least, the farm attracts people from all walks of lives. I find it exciting to meet people and share interesting conversations. It is also a platform to communicate our knowledge about frogs and their beneficial uses.

I look forward to welcoming you to JFF with a magical tour!!



The Frogician

FRACTS #7 – Frogs inspired the creation of batteries!!

Did you know that frogs were involved in the creation of the battery?

It all started with a frog. And a scientist. And a wonderful coincidence.

Luigi Galvani, an Italian scientist of the 1700s discovered that electricity applied to the nerves of frog legs caused the large muscles to twitch. Galvani then named the perpetrator of this effect animal electricity- a fractured allusion to the “life force” that was thought to be the essence of life on earth.

Its discovery began as Galvani was working to understand static electricity through the rubbing of frog skins
together. As he slowly skinned the frog with his steel scalpel, it touched the brass hook he was using to hold the frog’s leg in and picked up a charge which caused the frog’s leg to twitch, hence presenting an indication of the presence of electricity.

Further experiments by Italian physicist Volta showed that the frog’s leg was merely an indicator of the presence of electricity and that the electricity that caused the twitch was actually sparked by the dissimilarity of the two metals.

Nevertheless, without frog protagonist in this wonderful story of accidental discovery, scientists such as Gassner (1887) and Sir Thomas Edison (1903) and Urry (1950) would not have been able to arrive at their brilliant discoveries. The ubiquitious battery of the modern world would not have been invented and we would not even be able to dream of having mobile phones or cameras.

Think about it!


ANNA’s ‘Metamorphosis’

Hi peeps,

I have officially concluded my internship with JFF. Looking back, 4 months have passed by in a flash but the memories I have made in this time will stay with me forever.

I still vividly remember the first 2 weeks of internship – challenging would be the word I would use to describe.

Firstly i had to adapt to the company’s work culture and learn the basics of a frog’s life.

Secondly, I thought I had to meet up to the expectations immediately but Chelsea gave me time to learn without putting too much pressure on me because she knew my strengths and assigned the work to me based on this.

I believe few people actually know of the existence of farms in Singapore. Sure there may be a handful of curious and adventurous ones who would know, but that’s about it. Truth be told, farming is somewhat elusive knowledge to us city folk.
However,after working in the farm, I’ve changed my perspective on farming. Many of us think that it is a lowly job but I think that we should not look down on farmers; it takes tons of hard work and perseverance to manage the land and raise the livestock!

It was a good experience working in such an environment, away from the city.
Working on the farm, I didn’t just learn things about Frogs, Ive also learned to speak to the public. Conducting a tour of 5 is easy but not to a group of 50-70 people and there is definitely a lot more to look into besides just conveying the froggy message to the group.For me I think that having the group focus their attention on you is the most important thing to do. Once you lose their attention, they will start to wander on their own resulting in the need for crowd controlling and that, to me, is the most challenging part.



Other than tours, I also did administrative work, retail sales, taking orders from customers, replying to emails, selling frogs, and handling customers’ inquiries.
The most important thing I learnt from Chelsea is to NOT ASSUME ANYTHING when we are working in a company. Never ever assume because it can really cause a lot of miscommunication which will end up disrupting work flow. So I will never allow myself to have any sort of preconception get in the way of my work in the future.

I’ve had lovely memories from my experience here. Hitching a ride by the road, going into other people’s farm to pluck fruits (with permission of course!!), selling our products at the inaugural Farmers’ market, meeting nice people along the way, solemnization happening in the frog farm, applying qin chao oil on an injured duck’s leg, plucking mangoes with the Bangladeshi workers, going to a Pre-U Seminar in NUS with Chelsea to see JFF being showcased by a group of students etc… All sorts of funny and interesting things.


This experience was really special and I feel lucky to have been able to go through it.
Thank You Jurong Frog Farm for taking interns and allowing them to experience such a unique working environment.



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