Specialized Dog Food gets a new sleeve!

Good news! Our Minced American Bullfrog Meat now sports a new look! The packaging's emblem, Bobby, was a true legend adopted by the frog farmers ~16 years ago. A mittle spitz with a fiery temperament, he guarded the Frogologist wherever she went and was quite a personality here at Jurong Frog Farm. Unfortunately, Bobby was... Continue Reading →

Dengue is on the rise. Here’s what you need to know.

In a recent statement by the National Environmental Agency (NEA), there are more than 4,000 Dengue cases in Singapore this year, doubling that of the cases in the same period in 2019. Quarantine or not, Dengue Fever is ready to strike whether you are at home or work. Therefore, we must learn how to protect... Continue Reading →

Jurong Frog Farm is prepared for COVID-19!

Amidst news of a total lock-down in Malaysia, food are now being hoarded away at our local supermarkets. Our government is doing all that they can to ensure food supply will not be disrupted. Lorries carrying food supplies from Malaysia are still being shipped into Singapore as we speak! This includes meat, vegetables, fruits and... Continue Reading →

Farm Group Buy: Fresh Produce for Everyone!

As online food deliveries become more and more popular, especially in this COVID-19 climate, we looked for ways to bring forth a contactless delivery service providing fresh meat and vegetables to our customers. That's when we decided to start Group Buy, a service that is contributed by the consumers, for the consumers. Here's how it... Continue Reading →

SG54 @ Jurong Frog Farm

Head on down and have a patriotic party with our Frogs! This National Day, Jurong Frog Farm will take you on a trip down memory lane with our Heritage tour. Be greeted by a pair of American Bullfrogs and learn how frog farming has evolved over the years. You'll find out about the innovative ways... Continue Reading →

We are back!

Hi everyone, The Jurong Frog Farm blog is back and we’ve got a fresh new look. We understand that it’s been a long while since anything was posted here, almost as if we vanished. Well, we’re back and this time, we’re promising to stay. So here’s the first update. Jurong Frog Farm will be at... Continue Reading →

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