3 Recipes for respiratory remedy with our frog legs and crocodile bone/meat

Hi everyone! Frog Boy here!

As we know in these few days the quality of the air has been very bad due to the haze that is in Singapore. Have you ever wondered how are you able to make use of Frog meat and Crocodile meat/bones to protect your love ones? So where are you able to get those meats from? You may purchase them at The Royal Frog Shop Online ! =) We do have delivery service too which makes it much more convenient and time saving for you. Or, you could come down to JFF and purchase those meat while taking a look at the frog farm too! So, for those that loves to cook, its a good news for you! today I’m gonna share about some recipes that everyone can try making and to share with your families to boost up their well being and also respiratory system! These would help to prevent illness due to hazy days. =)

1. Crocodile herbal soup

Crocodile herbal soup

Crocodile herbal soup


-Crocodile meat and bones (high in protein and and improves heart, lungs and blood circulation which also cures asthma)

-Bei Qi 北芪 (build up resistance of immune system and energy)
-Dang Shen 当参 (Cleanse and rejuvenation of body, younger and healthier body)
-Nan Xing 南杏 (used to treat the Retention of Heat-Phlegm in the Lung of children, tic of limbs, and infantile convulsion)
-Bei Xing 北杏 (Lung regulation)
-Huai Shan 淮山 (Treatment of kidney, lungs and spleen)
-Yu Zhu 玉竹 (strengthens stomach and lungs)
-Gou Qi Zi 枸杞子 (boosts immune system, prevents iron deficiency, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, strengthens liver and kidneys, improves vision)

For more information please see link: http://homediningfoodblog.com/crocodile-meat-recipes-part-1/

2. Herb Frog legs

Herb frog legs

Herb frog legs


-10 pairs frog legs (prevents dengue, prevent risk of asthma)

-3 cloves of garlic that provides nutrients like :

  • Manganese: 23% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B6: 17% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin C: 15% of the RDA.
  • Selenium: 6% of the RDA.

(helps combat sickness, reduce blood pressure and event helps detoxification)

-6 springs of parsley leaf(a herb thats rich in antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre! Good news for all females, it also give protection for free radicals which would slow down oxidation process in our body.) =)

-1 tbsp butter

-1/4 cup of flour

-salt n pepper

For more information please see link: http://chocolateandzucchini.com/recipes/starters/herbed-frogs-legs-recipe/

3. Stew Crocodile Meat

Stew crocodile meat

Stew crocodile meat


-300g Crocodile meat (high in protein and and improves heart, lungs and blood circulation which also cures asthma)

-5-6 shitake mushrooms (Japanese medicinal remedy that is used for upper respiratory tract infections, poor circulation, liver pathologies, exhaustion, premature aging)

-sliced ginger (High nutrition and helps digestive issue, nausea etc.)

-cutted spring onion (aids respiratory function, protect against infection and reduce cancer risk)

-2 cloves of garlic that provides nutrients like:

  • Manganese: 23% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B6: 17% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin C: 15% of the RDA.
  • Selenium: 6% of the RDA.


-1/2 teaspoon baking soda

-1/2 teaspoon salt

-1 teaspoon sugar

-3 tbsp water

-1 tbsp hua diao wine (chinese wine for cooking)


-1 tbsp oyster sauce

-1 tbsp sugar

-2 tbsp hua diao wine

-150 ml warm water

For more information please see link: http://sg.openrice.com/recipe/stew-crocodile-meat/311

And there it is! The 3 recipes that can be made to protect your love ones against the haze! =)

Frog Boy signing off!


A new Frog Boy has arrived!!!

Hi Everyone!!!  I’m Frog Boy which has just joined the frog club!

Why am i Frog boy? well… it is because I’m a boy and with the frogs. sounds reasonable right? =)

So i will be joining the JFF family for the next 5 months of internship which i feel that its gonna be exciting! At first i was afraid of touching frogs which i felt that others out there has the same fear as me too. But after overcoming my fear, they are actually cute and friendly creatures which i believe you would feel the same way as me after experiencing it at JFF (an achievement for those who never touched one before)!

As my attachment goes on, there was not much we could do outdoors for now due to the haze as it was at a unhealthy range and rainy days. But instead, I was being guided around the farm to understand different stations and their purpose. Tour dry run has been done too as i messed it up on my first 2 days due. But hey, practice makes perfect right! I was surprised that Singapore would have farms too which i found that I’m not the only one that is surprised as my friends and some others out there does not know about any farms in Singapore too. I would highly recommend everyone to come and take a visit to the farm as it is very interesting.

There are some challenges that i have faced like for example when i was holding 2 frog with both of my hand and i accidentally released and dropped(oops!) a frog which causes it to be hurt. So lesson learnt is to never release a frog even though it is struggling and this lesson is for everyone too, If a frog struggles, do not let it fall on the ground but to firm your grip or pass the frog back to any tour guide that is in-charge of it to prevent harm to the frogs.

I hope that in time i would be able to get used to grabbing on to those frogs nicely and also to be able to guide tours confidently and smoothly. =)


Oh, and I’m Joseph aka Frog boy. =)

JFF’s 33rd anniversary celebration!!!

JFF has turned 33 years old yesterday, on 29th October!! It’s incredible to see the growth of this farm in the last decade, attracting countless Singaporeans and also overseas visitors! JFF has come a very long way, having shifted from Old Jurong Road to Lim Chu Kang  in 1994, and also opening up to the public from being a private farm since the early 1990s! That’s amazing! To be honest, I didn’t know about JFF until I was assigned to come here for my internship. When I was first brought here by my facilitator, I didn’t expect it to be such a quaint and tranquil place. I was expected it to be quite noisy with frogs croaking every where!

To celebrate our 33rd birthday, we’re going to have a few activities and bundle deals at our farm on the weekend of our anniversary week, on the 1st & 2nd November.
1. With every entry into the tadpoles’ pen (30 mins/ $6), you may choose from our beautiful royal headband to take home as a keepsake!
2. Next, Frogician and I will do face painting for both children and adults. You get to choose from the many designs you will like on your face!
3. Only for this Sunday, we will have our barbecued exotic range of meat for sale too. Our BBQ skewers have proven to be very popular during the Farmers’ Market, so we’re bringing it back again on this very special occasion. Be sure not to miss it this time if you didn’t manage to catch us during Farmers’ Market!

Note that JFF opens from 9am – 5.30pm, to the general public only on weekends and public holidays and from Tuesday – Friday to appointment bookings and tour reservations only. Come down to the farm this weekend to celebrate JFF’s 33rd birthday with us!! Hope to see all of you!! 🙂

Signing off,

JFF will be moving out in 2017!

JFF has both a bad and good news to share!
The bad news is, our lease will not be extended. This means that JFF will have to move out of this current beautiful plot of land by June 2017!!

Certainly, we experienced the 5 stages of grief when we received news like this, but this is something we can’t bargain ourselves out of, so getting angry or depressed is not the way to go.

However, the good news is, JFF turns 33 years old today!! So this weekend we’re going to have some fun activities for families and special deals. Be sure to read all about it on another blog post, titled “JFF’s 33rd anniversary celebration!!!”.


– Froglette

Our froggies’ welfare (& don’t drop the frogs!)

Hi everyone, Froglette here!

During Farmers’ Market, an incident occurred where some visitors queried us on “how will the frogs and tadpoles feel??”

1. We have to concur that we were overwhelmed by the warm responses of the crowd. Many parents were urging their children to take closer looks and get their hands wet in the tadpoles netting activity.
What we could have done better was to place another experienced frog handler to assist Frogician with the crowd who wanted a chance to meet the frogs.

2. The tadpoles were brought to the booth for an activity called ‘Minute to Net It’. The objective of the activity was to allow the children to classify and group the tadpoles according to their respective stages.
Again, our Frogician was fully flat out handling queries from adults, looking after the children, frogs and tadpoles. I was even tasked to drop by the activity booth from the ever-so busy food booth on occasions to make sure that our Frogician has the help she needed and that the welfare of these green hoppers be better cared for with 2 people around.

It was my first involvement in such a big event like this (I heard that at least 8000 people turned up!) and I certainly learnt how we ought to be more cautious in the activities we have designed and consider the implications from all the other welfare groups.

Next, I want to talk about the handling of our frogs. How do you exactly hold a frog?

This is a topic we touch on during our ‘Hands on the Frog’ sessions. Time to time, kids who volunteer to hold the frogs, drop or even throw the frogs onto the ground when the frogs start to struggle in their hands. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!! As much as we put emphasis on this, frogs slipping out of an adult’s grip is a very common occurrence as these amphibians are very slimy!!

Bruises! Please treat our frogs kindly! :/

Bruises. Please treat our frogs kindly! 😦

Good news is that frogs are strong survivors out in the wild. They shed their skin periodically and their wound heal rather naturally without any use of medication.

The proper way of carrying a frog is to grip it tightly around its waist with either 1 or 2 hands. For kids, they usually carry the frog with 2 hands since their hands are so small. If the frog attempts to wriggle its way out of your hands, try not to squeeze it even tighter to prevent it from jumping away, and neither should you drop the frog; just maintain a firm grip around the frog’s waist and it will feel more secure in that grip. If you don’t feel comfortable in holding a struggling frog, you can either quickly pass it back to the tour guide, or squat down and put the frog onto the ground gently with the tour guide’s knowledge. All these will be briefed beforehand by the tour guide, so don’t worry if you can’t remember all of the steps to holding a frog now. Just remember: Don’t drop the frog!

Bye for now!

JFF @ Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market

Hello everybody!!

JFF will be participating in Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market for the 2nd time, and this time, we’ll have new activities for kids (or even adults) @ The Kids Corner, an ongoing online photo contest, and there will be a new food item added to our EXOTIC menu!! The Farmers’ Market will be held at Gardenasia (Nyee Phoe), and there will be a shuttle bus from Yew Tee MRT (bus stop) that goes directly there at timed intervals (timings will be shown in the bus schedule below). It will be $2 for a two-way trip there and back (cash collection upon arrival), and free rides for children below 12 years old and seniors above 60 years old. A KCFM volunteer will be stationed at the bus stop holding the Farmers’ Market poster, so gather around that area to board the bus! If you’re travelling by car or any other form of transport, please refer to this website for the exact location of Gardenasia.

KCFM bus schedule

KCFM bus schedule


This is the list of our products and food items and the promotions. Our new food item on the menu will be the venison satay, so be sure to try it WHILE STOCKS LAST!!

  • Premium Hashima @ $28.80/box. Bundled Promotion: Buy 2 boxes + 1  8gm packet of dried hashima (worth $10!) @ $60
  • Selected Dried Hashima (8gm) @ $10/packet. Promotion: Buy 5 get 1 free
  • Fresh Frog Legs (500gm) @ $15/bag. Promotion: Buy 4 get 1 ice box free
  • Frozen Venison Flanksteak @ $37.50/kg (Prices vary according to weight)
  • Red Date Sauce @ $4.20/bottle
  • Venison satay @ $5/satay
  • Yummy Deep Fried Frog Meat @ $5/skewer
  • Crocodile Tail Nuggets @ $5/skewer
  • Royal Hashima Dessert @ $5/bowl

Our activity at the KIDS CORNER is called ‘1 Minute to Net It’ @ a nominal charge of $2/participant. For this activity, there will be a large tank filled with water and tadpoles & frogs in different stages of metamorphosis. The 4 metamorphosis stages will be: Tadpole without hindlegs/forearms, Tadpole with hindlegs only, Tadpole with hindlegs AND forearms, Froglet. The participant has to group the different stages of frogs into the tanks provided in the correct order within a minute. ‘Tadpole without hindlegs/forearms’ will be the first stage and ‘Froglet’ will be the last. If you complete this activity successfully, you’ll win a Royal Frog Badge as a prize!! Please note that this activity might require you to get your hands wet.

Our next activity is the online photo contest which we call ‘Eat It Like You Own It’. To participate, take a photo of your best expression while eating one of our frog/crocodile meat skewers or venison satays, then post it on Instagram or our Facebook wall and be sure to hashtag both ‘#eatitlikeyouownit‘ & ‘#jurongfrogfarm‘. The photo with the most number of likes will stand to win a mystery gift, so be sure to get all your friends to like your photo after posting it up!! Here are some photo examples by our very own JFF staff (and dog!):

Lastly, if there are any enquiries about the JFF booth at Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market or any enquires about Jurong Frog Farm at all, please send them to our email address ‘sales@jurongfrogfarm.com.sg‘, or contact us at 6791 7229 during operating hours! Hope to see all of you at the JFF’s booth at Farmers’ Market!! 🙂

Signing off,

Happy Children’s Day!!

children day promo 2014

It’s all about the children this weekend as we celebrate children’s day! JFF invites all children to our farm and explore the world of our amphibian friends. Our “Catch the Frog” pen will be opened to all children who are brave enough to hop in for a leaping good time! 🙂

In conjunction of this year Children’s Day and celebration Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) is back with our authentic Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market this coming Saturday and Sunday from 2-7pm. Watch this space as we roll out more details!!